Text-Osterone 1.120

More than 200 animated text effects using Flash


  • Ample selection of text effects
  • Preview window makes editing quick
  • Gives beginners an idea of what Flash can do


  • Specific to text only – no shapes allowed
  • Many of the effects could be easily recreated in Flash Studio

Very good

Flash animation is a technology that can all to easily be abused and there are numerous examples throughout the web where it has been used without justification resulting in non-accessible pages, annoying animations or amateurish-looking sites. On the other hand, when used correctly, Flash can add another dimension to your site, setting it apart from the masses and really giving the user a rounded and fulfilling experience. Text-Osterone is a library of text effects that you can easily configure much in the same way as the various transition effects of Microsoft PowerPoint.

The multitude of options may be daunting for inexperienced users but in reality the majority are non-essential and will only be called to action if a very particular result is sought. Thanks to an automatically refreshing preview window, each change you make can be checked before exporting and as a consequence the process of trial and error is much speedier.

The cracks begin to show however after you’ve checked out a few of the available effects. Since many of them are basic it seems like overkill to have a separate program to take care of them and would make more sense to get a copy of Flash Professional and build them from scratch. What’s more Text-Osterone, as the name suggests, has been designed to deal with text only. No options exist to work with basic shape animations, which might be handy if you want a corporate logo to feature.

Text-Osterone is a program that has been designed for those who have no experience whatsoever with Flash and as a result will more than likely produce substandard pages. As such, beginners can get a feel of what is possible and of course add more than just plain test to their site. It makes a good toy for those with curiosity but should not be used in an advanced setting.

Error correction


  • Error correction

Text-Osterone is an extremely easy program to generate eye-popping Flash animated text effects in seconds! Works with your installed True Type and Postscript fonts. Text-Osterone is easy to use and is great for websites and presentations.

Text-Osterone is the only text effects program to output Macromedia Flash (.fla) files! Other programs output .swf files requiring you to use ActionScript to load an external file containing the text effect. With Text-Osterone, you can open and use the text effect directly in Flash 5/MX/MX2004/8.

Text-Osterone allows you to output several text effects into a single file! Other programs just allow you to output a single effect per file. This results in a lot of wasted disk space because font information can be duplicated in each effect file if the same font is used in each effect. But Text-Osterone will only store the minimum amount of font information needed and will not duplicate unnecessary font information, resulting in smaller file sizes!

Text-Osterone automatically adjusts effects to the desired frame rate. Other programs design their effects for a specific frame rate giving you no control over the actual speed of the text effects. With Text-Osterone, you specify the number of seconds the effect should take to animate and the frame rate you want it to display at.



Text-Osterone 1.120

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